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About SILK Empowered

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    Transformation with the strength of Christ.

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    Freedom from you and others by knowing you who are as a son or daughter of Christ.

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    Finding Self-Love through the love of Christ.

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    Knowing the Bible and biblical principles for transformation.

It’s our mission to¬†create safe and loving home environments for woman and their children who have been victims of domestic violence abuse.

Strength, Identity, Love and Knowledge. Offering both educational classes for building identity in Christ, while providing a transitional housing program in building the bridge to homeownership. This includes buying a building for transitional living as well as creating a network of rent-to-own homes at affordable prices.

More to come soon!

SILK Empowered has plans coming very soon for survivors of domestic violence abuse. In the coming weeks we will be updating our website with tools, qualifications, and how to get involved.

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Volunteers are a vital source of support to SILK Empowered. We could not do this without you! Donations are always welcomes and much needed in order to help SILK continue to assist the woman in our programs. If you would like to volunteer or donate in any way, we would greatly appreciate it. All donations are tax-deductible and can be made through the link below, or sent to our mailing address.

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