Empowering Children with learning differences to reach their full potential through Christ.

We offer a unique educational system focused on the whole will. Each child is created special and has individual talents and gifts given to us by Christ. It is our goal to unleash these talents. What some see as learning disabilities, we see as only as learning differences.


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Volunteers are a vital source of support to SILK Empowered. We could not do this without you! Click here to contact us.

About SILK Empowered Academy

It’s our mission to create safe and loving home environments for children who have learning differences, by giving children and their families the resources and education they need to succeed.

Strength, Identity, Learning, Knowledge. Offering educational classes to both children with learning differences and their parents. Understanding why Christ made us different and learning to understand our Identity through Him. We at SILK Empowered will break the negative self-defeating beliefs held by many children with learning differences. Empowering Children through Christ.

  • Connector.


    Giving children the power to face challenges with the Strength of Christ.

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    Finding each child’s identity as a son or daughter of Christ.

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    Empowering children with Christ’s love and love of others.

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    Knowledge of the Bible and teaching children how to follow the path of Christ.

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Volunteers are a vital source of support to SILK Empowered. We could not do this without you! Donations are always welcomes and much needed in order to help SILK continue to assist the children in our programs. If you would like to volunteer or donate in any way, we would greatly appreciate it. All donations are tax-deductible and can be made through the link below, or sent to our mailing address.

email: info@silkempowered.org
phone: (913) 444-9015

Development: More to come soon!

SILK Empowered Academy has plans coming very soon for children with learning differences. In the coming weeks we will be updating our website with tools, qualifications, and how to get involved.